Friday, March 12, 2010

Final Day of Workshop

This morning Frank reviewed his demos and showed us how he makes adjustments and finishes them. A lot of interesting topics were shared, and a lot of information gained. In the afternoon we all painted together in a small area, but we had 360 degrees of vista to choose from. I am pleased with mine, and major pleased with what I learned and practised on this workshop. I now am starting to work with one value relevant to the next. I have heard this, understood it, but couldn't quite do it before...this has shifted. It has been an amazing workshop, Frank is a phenomenal teacher and I look forward to returning.


Mary Douglas said...

Hi girl, Have enjoyed your postings so much. Your last painting is particularily good. So much progress, miss you. M

Dawn Townshend said...

This is lovely work, I'm sure it matches the shirt I'm wearing.....have fun, D