Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunflower: Are you coming?

The sunflower project is continuing, mainly for the amusement of family members. Yet there are many interesting learning curves involved - like the colour of the ground paint - have been trying blue and also yellow.


Dutti said...

I think you're really getting the hang of the sunflowers. This one is probably the best so far - not that I don't adore the others too.
Good sky.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could make an attempt myself..I am like those who just imagine themselves into so many areas--painting,writing,sculpture,
designing etc etc and what not and ultimately getting not even started!
But here is what I have done - noting the current beautiful obsession with sunflowers, I remembered a very old and marvellous number..I hunted for the lyrics and here is an impromptu (almost!)translation .. its rather difficult to convey the exact sentiments as there tends to be a culture and language based sensitivity in feelings and thoughts, that can't easily be rendered in another language, especially when the contextual similarities are rather to find..

Here is that song :

O sunflower!
Your love is really unique
Each morn you rise to bloom
And each eve you witheringly fall asleep
Wonder if the sun ever realized your deep devotion to him
What kind of relationship is this
What deep connection is this
O sunflower
Unknowingly the affection-starved parched lips
Start humming a song of love
And a blast of pang of desire
Smarts the heart so strong
Tears inundate all the sinews
Like the dew drops on your bosom
Caressed by some stray ray of the sun
Then your heart thus beguiled
And feelings of ache mollified
You wake up again to move on with life
Watching tenderly those rays of light
What kind of relationship is this
O sunflower
In the deep dark alleys
Why have these rays left you stranded
At the cross roads
Breaking all those sweet promises
Your love unrequited
Now with the gardener of life’s nursery
Having gone away from your flower bed
Who in this world is going to
Respond to your silent questioning sighs
And even after
Beautiful dreams are broken
Joys are taken away from you
Walking out on you half way through
How come the life goes on for you
What sort of relationship is this
O sunflower!

Do make an effort to comment!

Anonymous said...

In the comments --last line--
....similarities are rather difficult to find..