Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Driftwood Park

Today was one of those days that Mary and I just hit the road, investigating new painting locations. We had ideas that were closer to home, but ended up following the Ottawa River all the way to Stonecliffe. There were a lot of beautiful vistas, but they were either along the highway or private. We did find a wonderful provincial park and painted by the boat launch.
A friend had asked me what I had learned from repeating the last painting on location. I thought about that while away to Victoria's graduation. The answer really came while painting this one - I learned that I fiddle and fuss too much, and really want to paint more shapes with just definite simple strokes. So that was my aim for today.


Alexandra said...

beautiful! I love the rocks and the strokes you made on the trees. Also, the reflection and the long piece of driftwood are fantastic!
I like that you followed the Ottawa River until you found something inspiring!

Marian Fortunati said...

Most of us probably fiddle too much...
Good answer, Marina!!

Don't you just LOVE exploring and discovering new places?