Friday, January 16, 2009

January Moon

Full Moon in Cancer during Capricorn - female/male and subjective/objective harmony and balance. And it was crisp, clear and COLD. I saw this at 6:00 am when the moon was very high in the sky and therefore the scene was quite expansive. That made it hard to fit it on such a small canvas. It is the driveway that I have painted before, from further back, minus one tree for those who know. Can you feel the cold?

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Fram said...

I stared at the same moon Wednesday (or maybe Thursday) when my dog and I took our 11:00 p.m. stroll. It was 21 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) both evenings when we left the house. Our winter walks often are on a frozen lake, and were these nights.

I thought (as I have many times before) that a full moon reflecting brightly on snow on a frigid night with the resonating sounds of the living lake moving beneath my feet, that the end of the earth is only moments away.

And, yes, I felt the cold emerging from your painting.